Sunday, January 4, 2009

Disco dancing

With Christmas well behind us and hogmanay approaching, news of a 70s disco party really sounded great. Excited about the upcoming event, we decided that we had to put a good effort into finding some fancy dress outfits.
Here we are in our finest 70s outfits with items gathered from second hand shops or sewn up in a hurry on Saturday afternoon (and Paddy's lycra suit was actually found in Steve's drawers- his old speed skating suit). Caroline and Ian did a great job doing up their basement as a 70s disco. The usual newcomers club people were there as well as a few others. Brendan wandered around for a while before going to sleep in their spare room while I carried Tadhg all night- except when handing him over for others to fuss over- it was nice to show him off!
Here are a few more photos of the evening. We left at about 2.45am and managed to get stuck half way up the driveway- wheels spinning on the ice (and Paddy sliding all over the place in his flat slippy shoes). They guys from the party came out to push and we were eventually towed out by someone's all wheel drive car.

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