Sunday, January 25, 2009

Brendan's birthday bash

We celebrated Brendan's 2nd birthday today with friends, food, cake, decorations, a party game and presents. We invited four of the little friends he plays with most often so, with parents and siblings, we had a pleasantly full house for a lunchtime party.

All the kids played well together and especially enjoyed jumping on the bed and playing with the dolls house. Brendan got very excited and screamed quite a lot. As for Tadhg, he slept through it all on the sofa.

Here are the peg dolls I made to give to each child instead of a party bag. They each chose two so we have a few left to play with ourselves.
The picture below shows the bunting I made and am particularly proud of. :) This will hopefully be pulled out for many celebrations to come (that's if we take it down at all- we like the extra colour)
Unfortunately, Brendan wasn't all that interested in opening presents at the exact time we all wanted him to, but he eventually got to them all. Here he is playing his new harmonica and finding it hysterically funny.

We would like to thank everyone for coming. It was a special day made even more special because you were there.

More on Brendan's birthday later as his actual birthday isn't until Tuesday when we'll have a family birthday tea and open his other presents, some of which have arrived from the UK. Happy Birthday Brendan!

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Emily said...

Hi Siobhan,
Where di dyou get Brendan's World Map bed sheets? I've been looking for some for us, but can't even find any on the inter net.
Emily x