Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April showers?

The winter clothes are away. I found my flip flops the other day. But the planet has other ideas. A dump of fresh white snow today is doing a nice cover up job and hiding the usual mud-mess of spring, but is nonetheless not all that welcome. Thanks very much. I didn't go out in it so no pictures of the snow, although I admired it from the doorway for a minute.
Instead Lili and I had a lovely lazy day inside. I thought I'd snap an unusual picture- one showing real life, dirty dishes and heaping compost pile and all.

I wanted to get a good photo of her curls, but she does not like to pose for the camera at all, so this was the best I could do...

When the boys came in from school we had the leftovers of my first Death Cafe cake for a snack, and Brendan made hot chocolate. Another real life pic. I like capturing these moments and imagine I will appreciate them in years to come.

 And just because...
 Bomber is getting a bit more adventurous and wandering a little further every day. Which means it's time to get a tag on him and probably take him to the vet for a wee operation. I hope it doesn't change his personality- is that a thing with cats?
 Jazzy was a little peeved that throwing a stick from the doorway was as far as I was going to go. Until Steve came home and she got a bit more fun. I'm looking forward to seeing her enjoy the water again this year. If summer ever comes.