Monday, May 11, 2015


In the end the decision was not all that difficult. Probably because we didn't really do it "properly". Minimal discussion really. There was a moment, sitting outside in the sunny backyard, when Steve and I smiled at each other and muttered accusations at ourselves about 'flying by the seat of our pants' or 'throwing caution to the wind' or somesuch (which is actually a habit we secretly love about each other and ourselves!) but it ended in laughter and excited grinning. We were getting a dog!

We've talked about it many times before of course, but, well, the time just felt right, and the right dog came along. So, meet... Jazzy!! 

She is utterly gorgeous and fits in perfectly with our family. She is particularly attached to Siobhan, even refusing to go outside for a desperately needed pee unless accompanied by her chosen human for at least the first two weeks, but she has relaxed about that somewhat now, and the kids and Steve get plenty of attention and affection from her now too! 

Here are a few more pictures. 

She is fast on her feet for an 8 year old. 

Hanging out in the shade under the trampoline. These two are good together. If Araliya annoys Jazzy, she will get out of her way or, at worst, bark at her once, nothing aggressive so far. And Lili makes ME feel like an angry wolf sometimes so Jazzy really is patient! 

She LOVES the water!! Perfect for our water mad family. 

She is really very beautiful. In looks and temperament. 

Having a nap in the car. 

One of the beaches near the new house we're moving to in the summer. 

All in all she is adjusting wonderfully and is now settled completely I'd say. Sweet, lovely Jazzy. Here's hoping for many more years of fun and friendship with her!