Friday, January 22, 2016

Lili and mama at home.

Painting is a big thing around here. Blobs and lines. And Bomber wants a shot!
A chilly walk in the woods this morning. It was about -17, which would have been a breeze had I remembered my proper gloves. We only managed about 20 minutes. These two were loving it while I faked a smile and tried to hold on to the dog's lead while balling my fists up inside my driving gloves (which are thick and cozy but not at this temperature). When we got back in Lili was still toasty warm all over, so I vote again for LLBean snowsuits and MEC "toasty mitts" :) And it was also down to the way a two year old walks around in the woods- lots of warmth created with her insisting on going in the opposite direction to her mother, off piste and over every fallen tree she could find.