Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Baby month

It's baby month, and I hope time neither drags nor speeds up, so I'll just mention it this once!

I've been pottering about tidying up, sorting things like linen cupboards and winter clothes, counting nappies, welcoming in and finding homes for loaned and gifted baby "things" and, perhaps most enjoyable, crocheting baby longies, my first proper attempt at a garment rather than just a decorative bit of crochet.

I'm loving all the stripes- when we pared down our baby clothes last year I seem to have kept everything stripey! And since the above photo was taken I've added more of the hand me down clothing from the other Riffs- thank you!

In case we haven't mentioned it yet... this house has just two bedrooms, so we'll be grateful for the big king size bed to fit everyone in, but especially a baby for a good while. 

As well as pottering about by myself I've been treasuring time spent with others too. My dear friend Lindsey organised a small gathering for the closest women friends I've made since arriving in Ottawa. We ate and drank and chatted about how we met and birth and mothering. I'm so fortunate to have met such wonderful women in such a short time. One of them had a baby just 3 weeks ago and another had hers in her bed yesterday morning! What a beautiful time of year for a Birth Day!

And my lovely neighbour women friends have invited me over this Thursday evening for a little baby shower too. It's all making me appreciate the support we have and how good people are. And of course, it's making me rather excited :) I think once the birth tub arrives (first go at it- to see what all the fuss is about!) it will seem more imminent to the boys. They are going to have a tough time waiting :)

Brendan came up from downstairs to wake us up this morning and he must have looked at a calendar or something because he excitedly said with a big smile, "Mama, it's April, that means the baby will come soon." I suppose that's what prompted this post.

Last thing to mention is that we got a new to us, lovely, rainbow woven wrap. Our first one. Tadhg loved being in a rusksack carry when we tried it the other day. Too bad it's not really meant for him! But this one is just for fun and prettiness, our workhorse of a carrier is going to be a manduca, still to come, and thanks to the Riffs!

That's it for the update. I should really have a belly photo in here but I haven't taken any recently, except maybe a couple of blurry ones...  Ok, not too bad, here are a few, but I'll try to get a better one in the next couple of weeks, with Steve and the boys in!