Thursday, January 29, 2009

Special week

So Brendan's birthday lasted more than a day. It was more like 5 days. We had the party on Sunday, opened a few presents in bed on Tuesday morning (his actual birthday), shared a birthday cake with his playgroup on Wednesday then picked up a package and opened more presents on Thursday. On top of that we have sung happy birthday about, oh, thirty or so times?

Brendan is very picky about which of my attempts at arts and crafts he wants to go along with but this simple sticking stickers on a cut out of the number two went down very well! He used one of the sheets of stickers he got from his Granny and Grandad and very carefully chose each one and stuck it in the exact place he wanted it. Cool to watch him thinking so hard.

We like the word "special" at the moment. Here he is checking out his snack with "special" toast in butterfly and fish shapes and hot chocolate with a marshmallow.

And finally for today... here is the little bag I just finished with my first attempt at needle felting. It's made from an old jumper and I used some of the pretty blue buttons with flowers on that I found in a second hand shop. I think we'll give this to Brendan's friend Mya- I never did finish the christmas present I had intended for her. That can wait till her next birthday :)

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