Wednesday, January 14, 2009

what makes a perfect winter's day?

Steve is doing fine in Texas. He called last night from the top of a hill they decided to hike up after work. Lucky him, I'm not jealous, really ;)Brendan and I collaborated on a painting yesterday and this is what we came up with. I painted the canvas green and then gave him a few squidges of paint and a brush. He did the rest except for me pointing out the blank bits "how about more here? and over here?... "
And below is the baobab I did too. I kind of copied the composition from a watercolour I had seen but I'm loving thick paint in bright colours at the moment so it is very different.
Today the weather is almost perfect. About zero degrees, bright blue sky, warm sun and there's a thickish layer of fluffy new snow covering everything. The wind could do with being a little calmer and there you go- a perfect winter's day. I just love the feeling as your spirits lift when you step outside on a day like today. It's really invigorating and you can't help but feel happy, even if your almost two year old has just flooded the bathroom! Hopefully it will just dry up like last time and won't cause any permanent damage.

So we made it to playgroup about an hour late but in time to play a while before treating ourselves and having lunch out. Steve and I have an ongoing problem relating to "crepe confusion" where I just can't get my head around having a pancake as part of a savoury meal. Pumpkin pie causes the same sort of confusion. Anyway, today just confirmed my suspicions that trying this is just plain wrong- I tried a 'ham, brie and apple panini crepe'- all I can say is eucchhh. I ate it all though so it can't have been that bad.

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