Wednesday, January 21, 2009

muffin tins and snow

Brendan with his muffin tin lunch. This is the second one we've done and he loves it. Got the idea from a flickr photo.
L-R, back to front: cucumber, red pepper, crackers, raisins, yogurt, spicy humus, ham, homemade apple/oatmeal flapjack, cheese, strawberries, grapes, tangerine.

Had another snowstorm over the last couple of days. Here's the snow on our back deck at sunrise yesterday. With the cold, snowy weather we've been staying in bit more than usual so have needed a couple of things to do. This is one of them. We have a strange space at the bottom of our stairs that isn't really useful for anything... it's too small for furniture, too carpeted for muddy boots and wet clothes and doesn't have a window for doing arts and crafts. So I claimed it a while back as a place to dump all my arts and craft "stuff". I put up a shelf, built that bookcase and put everything in there but have just managed to organise it all. So this is how it looks now and I really like spending time in there.

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Cheyanne said...

I really like the muffin tin idea. I will have to try that with Grace. Your craft area looks really good. I will have to take a closer look next time I come over.