Friday, January 16, 2009

A day for staying inside

Here's our thermometer at 8am this morning. Fredericton beat a 125 year record by reaching -34.3*C today and there's a weather warning out for wind chills up to -41*C. Ok, so it's not as cold as the prairies where we have a few friends surviving much colder temperatures than here- thinking of you :)
Below is a pic of the ice on the INSIDE of our windows. You can also see Brendan's crayon artwork on the window. I'm not sure if Brendan really understood but as we held our palms on the freezing window I tried to explain why we weren't going out today!

So we stayed in and played all day. We drew, coloured and cut out some big cars for his wall, made a race track out of floor tiles which B has been pushing his buggy with doll around at full speed for what seems like hours, made a bed on the living floor and hung out for a bit, strung some wooden beads on string, read lots of books, mostly about winter, and we all had a bath and a nap. Busy day.
And I took some photos. I love this one below. It's not great quality as I took it myself on the wee camera but I wanted to get a picture of my favourite wrap at the moment. I love it when he's awake and leans back to talk to me. He started smiling at almost 4 weeks old and this week is working on talking- he puts his whole body into making little noises and gets so excited by the "conversation". There's nothing like falling in love with a new baby!
Steve will be home tomorrow- we can't wait!

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