Monday, December 15, 2008

Two boys means twice as busy

Well, Tadhg is now 5 days old and talking about changes on the home front. Not one but two boys essentially doubles the work.

Mum is doing well but tired and Tadhg is just adorable. A few small feeding problems but coming along. Some of Tadhg's characteristics includes not willing to sleep on his back, loves to nestle into the small of your neck, gulps a pint of milk like his Dad gulp's a pint of beer and doesn't seem to fuss that much when he gets wacked.

That's the next interesting change, trying to satisfy a two year old. Brendan's doing pretty good so far. He is playing up a little bit but it is to be expected. One minute he's giving Tadhg a gentle cuddle or pat, next he's trying to dump him out of the baby seat or wacking him with a round house. Right now he's running between Siobhan who's making supper and I with Tadhg curled up in my arms saying "Come On".

I just got back in from doing a brake job on the front of the Jeep in the driveway. The ground was a bit wet but the temperature was a nice balmy 6 degrees.

Today, Brendan and I made bread. Brendan was most helpful throwing flour all over the kitchen while sampling the raw bread dough every few minutes. I had to knead the bread a little faster than usual so maybe that's why it didn't rise very well.

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