Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

Boxing Day is here which marks then end of this year's Christmas.

It started off with the arrival of Siobhan's brother, Paddy. He flew into Fredericton on Dec 23 where Brendan and I picked him up. Brendan was great until the last 10 minutes when Paddy had to see the Air Canada desk in order to sort out his delayed baggage. Due to the weather, there where delays all over Canada. The next day was relatively quiet. We did some shopping in town, enjoyed a homemade curry and Paddy cooked up an awesome spaghetti and meatball supper.

The big surprise for Siobhan was Caitlin's plan to fly in. Everything was going great. Paddy and I had a cover plan to get out of the house in order to pick her up but that all changed when she missed her Montreal connection to Fredericton due to weather yet again. We had to let Siobhan know what was going on because I had to drive to Saint John on Christmas eve in fog, heavy winds and freezing rain to pick her up. It was all worth it.

On Christmas Day, we all got to watch Brendan run into the living room to see all the presents (which he didn't really understand at first), a homemade tool box with some second hand Home Depot tools and the brand new doll house from Granny & Grand Dad. As for gifts, we spent the better part of the morning unwrapping gifts and watching Brendan. By then end of it, Brendan finally figured out the fun of ripping the paper off. After a slow start, we got out for a quick walk around the sub-division. Apparently I didn't dress Brendan well enough. Oops, my bad. I guess it was pretty cold at +2 degrees.
That afternoon, we all pitched in to make the dinner. By the end of it, we had all eaten too much. Our meal included a small organic chicken with homemade stuffing, roasted potatoes, mashed turnip & sweet potato, brussel sprouts, carrots in white sauce, parsnips coated with maple syrup, bread rolls, homemade cranberry sauce and gravy. Oh ya, forgot about Paddy's tasty salad with fried apples and homemade dressing. Yum-Yum! To finish off, we played a quick round of Hoopla then I crashed.
As for Tadhg, he's doing great. Sleeping, eating and poohing... the life of a baby. We've already been suiting him up in his new Christmas duds.

Boxing day started slowly. After loafing around the house, we had some homemade chicken soup. Caitlin, Siobhan, Brendan and Tadhg went out shopping but nothing was open so they went to Read's magazine and coffee shop. As for Paddy and I, we went for a walk through the UNB Woodlot and did some Geocaching followed by a coffee at Read's. Here's a picture of Paddy in a lean-to we came across in the Woodlot.

Before I forget Siobhan, Brendan, Tadhg and I would like to thank everyone for the great gifts and cards. We'll be in touch soon and Happy Holidays.

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