Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's my birthday!

Today, I turned 37yrs old and it was an awesome day. To start, my wonderful wife Siobhan reminded me that it was my birthday. Between the birth of our second son Tadhg only 6 days ago and trying to satisfy Brendan, our busy 22 month old boy, I pretty much forgot. The day seemed to go by very quickly. A good portion of my work day was taken up by the Squadron's Soldier Appreciation Dinner. This is where the Officers and Senior NCMs have a chance to thank the NCMs for their hard work over the year by serving them an excellent Christmas turkey dinner. After a few presentations, I even got a birthday card and had Happy Birthday sung to me by the Squadron. When I got home, Siobhan was busy making me an awesome Victoria Sponge Cake with butter icing. After blowing out the candles, I got a homemade birthday card which Brendan helped to draw up and a very nice text book on wood working. All I need is about $5000 to buy all the tools and set up my shop.

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