Monday, December 8, 2008

high bit of the roller coaster

This really is a roller coaster of a ride! Feeling great today. Had an appointment with the doctor- I am sure he has some sort of multiple personality disorder as a I never quite know what to expect. He wasn't "Dr Aggro" today (as a friend of mine calls him) and he actually seemed supportive and took some pressure off. He said that he should really get me to do the paperwork for a C-section on Monday but as he knows that's not what I want then he'll go along with whatever. He skimmed over the risks of waiting longer, and actually admitted they were still tiny anyway, then, get this... he implied that the main reason for agreeing to an elective section on Monday was for convenience:- because if I wait till later in the week and don't have a slot "booked" then I might have to wait in the hospital and fast for hours until they can "squeeze me in". He was suggesting that was reason enough to volunteer for a surgical birth- and this when he knows how important it is to me to avoid it as I've told him multiple times. I can only guess that some people would actually decide for that reason but for the life of me I can't understand why !?!

Anyway, the appointment went well, and today for the first time I've actually felt that labour might be imminent. I was running around this morning doing last minute things: sorting nappies, repacking the hospital bag, making a wipe solution, tidying up the spare bedroom... Steve is working a long shift today as he's flying tonight and won't be back till midnight ish. The house was tidy when he left but Brendan and I have managed to trash the place since then again. I might try to tidy up a bit before we go to bed. But then again I might just write him a loving note and ask him not to notice the mess :)
Here's a photo of the bag I finished today. Well I still plan to add a felt flower or some other decoration to it before giving it someone for christmas. It's made from an old wool jumper bought at a charity shop and felted by hot washing and drying. Also finished a birthday present for Brendan's friend, Mya, and will probably put a photo on here after her birthday.

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