Thursday, December 4, 2008

overdue update

So today is 40 weeks + 3 days. I'll get the negative stuff out of the way first...

Had an appointment with the obstetrician yesterday that didn't go very well and left me feeling annoyed and a little pushed around again. Basically he made it obvious that he didn't have the time for me, didn't like the fact that I was asking questions and didn't agree with my decisions, or even support my right to decide I suppose.
He knows we want a medically hands-off approach unless there is a problem but only offers superficial support. My midwife agrees that he most likely just isn't used to dealing with women who want to be informed and question his control.
Anyway, the result is I've put off his interference until next week instead of this week but I'm still annoyed because next Monday is still only 41 weeks and too early to intervene based on my last pregnancy of 42 weeks. He basically ordered me to go to the hospital for checks on Tuesday instead of Thursday as I had asked. So now I desperately want to go into labour myself before he starts poking and prodding and measuring and scanning and stepping up his talk of "straight to delivery by C-section" (which he keeps saying as if to scare me into compliance :) )

Anyway, I'm happy I'm standing up for myself so far but not looking forward to the fight that might ensue should he start getting more pushy. In case anyone doesn't understand where I'm coming from or my determination to do this the natural way I can assure you that at the first sign of a problem I'll be up to the hospital in a flash- it's just the looking for problems much earlier than is healthy and jumping to medical interventions unnecessarily that gets my goat.

Other than that, we're keeping busy and getting on with preparing for christmas. Cutting back on TV watching is going well- the TVs both have a "special blanket" covering them that we make a big deal out of and seems to help. The only thing we've watched in the last few days is the Snowman which Brendan just loves. Still making a few presents that I can't show on here- managing a little bit of crafting on most days. Steve has flown three times in the last couple of days and has put a load of things we don't use up for sale on the local selling website- extra money to pay for the work that needs done on the jeep! He's been fantastic and met us at lunchtime twice to look after Brendan while I had a massage and saw a naturopathic doctor. He really is the most supportive and wonderful husband anyone could wish for.

Just adding a picture taken from our back deck on the gorgeous day we had a couple of days ago. Just waiting for the snow now. Baby first or snow first? I'm betting baby... watch this space!

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