Thursday, November 13, 2008

That belly button thing he does

I haven't listed Brendan's favourites for a while now so here goes...
His favourite book is Ruby and the Noisy Hippo, or just "Ruby Hippo". He reads it aloud himself using mimes and actions, such as the monster running home crying and knocking on the wall for a "bang, bang, bang" noise, as well as words like when the Hippo shouts "It's me, Hippo!".
Other books read on most days include My Dad is Great, Each, Peach, Pear, Plum and Lost and Found about a friendship between a boy and a penguin "gangan".
His favourite songs are Howdi Do and Bling, Blang, both by Woody Guthrie which we sing as we read the books Uncle Phil gave him. He also like Lollipop or "nuddy, bup" by Mika thanks to Nicky playing it umpteen times in the UK:)
What else? His favourite friends are Mya, "Eminy" and "Toria". When we get in the car he wants to go to playgroup which sounds like "gay goop" or play on the slide or "Ki".
I almost forgot, more a habit than a favourite thing, Brendan constantly plays with his belly button.
Favourite foods? Bread jumps to mind but he still pretty much eats anything, except he may be going off fruit a bit- he prefers to peel his own tangerine and then throw or squash the pieces instead of eating them.
Lastly, his favourite person is definitely his daddy! He talks about him nonstop, saying daddy is at "wok", in the car, in a "pane, sky" or "highcot, sky" and exclaiming "daddy home" when he comes in the door.

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