Saturday, November 15, 2008

Resisting the early christmas feeling...

...but not very well though. It feels as though we have far too much to do before we even think about christmas. But that didn't stop us from going to the christmas market yesterday. There were a lot of lovely handmade things- I would look at something then move along a few stalls till I was out of sight, get out my notebook and sketch whatever it was I thought I could easily make myself. Cheeky but hey, ho. I did buy a couple of things- a pair of pears (nice fabric, stuffed with a cinnamon stick sticking out the top, totally useless and unnecessary) and a beautiful beaded star ornament.

Making a car out of a box.
Steve left this morning for a week's work in Quebec City. Brendan really misses him now and it's sometimes heartbreaking when he asks for him over and over again, especially first thing in the morning and at bedtime :(

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