Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rainy weather

When Brendan and I got up at about 9ish I knew that today was not a day for going outside. Even with wet weather gear on we would have been soaked through. What can you do on such horrible days? So when a friend called to ask if we wanted to go bowling we had our answer.
In retrospect, bowling when 9 months pregnant is perhaps not such a great idea, apart from being guaranteed a rubbish score (I do normally play better, honest:) ), I've been very stiff and sore for the rest of the day.

We are really enjoying our afternoon naps together at the moment- long may they continue! When we got up I made Brendan a set of felt shapes to tell the story of Ruby and the Hippo. I picked up the book at a secondhand shop and didn't really like it at first but it is one of his favourites so that's fine. We've just been playing with it before bed- he was already acting out the story but I was amazed at how he moved the pieces about himself. Smartypants!Going to do five little speckled frogs this week sometime I think.

One last thing... here is a picture of a few of the plain newborn baby items I livened up a bit. They are alright but were a bit rushed so I'm hoping to do some better ones this week.

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Tommy said...

Brendan looked so cute bowling. Loved the crafts and the brightened up baby outfit. It keeps the both of you busy.
Luv Ya All---- Granny & Grandad XO
PS: It won't be long !