Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Finished my first blanket!

A photo of this in daylight would have been much better but I'm really excited about it and couldn't wait! Here is the blanket I have just finished making for the baby. The front patchwork includes a couple of fabrics with memories attached for me. I followed a tutorial on someone's blog and it only took a couple of days.
I really enjoyed it but the downside is that I relied on the TV to keep Brendan occupied far more than I would normally like! I never intended for him to watch TV much but it's such an easy habit to slip into. We've decided to limit it before he turns into a telly addict. The other day we made a big deal of covering the TV with a blanket for a "no TV day". It seemed to work for a few hours :) And anyway, as we don't actually have TV channels and rely on a small number of DVDs we are all getting a little bored with the repetition!

Oh and here's a picture of Brendan helping with some baking. Our brownies were a disaster- Steve and I chewed on a couple but had to bin the rest. I know what I did wrong though so will try again soon.
So we are in the 40th week of pregnancy. The midwife came today and we had a great chat. All I have to do now is pack a bag and then keep busy making more things and doing stuff with Brendan. Steve's cold is getting better and we are all ready for launch day. Come on baby!


Tommy said...

What a beautiful looking blanket. Things at great when memories are attached. Brendan looks like a real chef, only thing missing is a chef's hat. We're all getting anxious. Granny & Grandad xoxoxo

Wide Open Spaces said...

Beautiful blanket and I love the concentration on B's face! I made brownies with groups of six 10 year olds at school today and it was so much fun. I love your blog. It makes me really happy when I read it and feels great being able to keep up with all that you are doing. Your speckled frogs look so cool though not as cool as I'm sure you were Steve when you fell into the pool! Can't wait to hear news of my new nephew- I am so excited and thinking of you all and wishing for a wonderful birth. Lots of Love Cait xxx