Friday, November 21, 2008

Not a bad week really

Often when Steve is away Brendan and I get a bit fed up with each other and my tiredness by the end of the week. Not so, this week. We've been very busy with all sorts if things and I'm all excited about the baby coming. Due date is a week on Monday so I really should think about packing a hospital bag. I've got as far as washing the baby's first clothes and nappies and laying an open bag on the spare bed, ready to be filled with stuff.
Anyway, this week... Brendan's cold is dragging on but that didn't stop him enjoying the first snowfall of the year on Wednesday. It wasn't a lot but he got very excited and immediately started asking for a snowman.
On Thursday we had a few friends round to do some painting on canvas bags as Christmas presents for grandparents. Here are some of the creations drying. We painted, had lunch and then had a short circle time and did 5 little speckled frogs using the recently finished felt pieces. They all loved taking their turn to come to the board and move the pieces!

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