Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Polar Bear Splash!

Three of us in the first heavy snowfall(22nd November). Quite deep so it might be here to stay.

The weekend has arrived and it started off pretty good. I was released from work a day early so I actually got back to Fredericton on Friday night. Siobhan and Brendan were at Caroline's house. Due to the fact that Siobhan couldn't find her keys and so was staying the night, I decided to surprise her and stop in for the night too. I had a bad sleep but had the joy of waking up to a little busy body in the kitchen. Amandine, who is 5 years old, had decided to make us breakfast in bed. She got all the bowls, plates and cutlery out and served up a wonderful yogurt and apple sauce mix with apple juice to wash it down. I was appointed as the butler who had to carry it upstairs at 7:00am. After that, once we got going, I got to take care of some chores. I fixed the dishwasher and got to feed the chickens, open up their run for the day and even pulled out 5 eggs. I want some chickens!

As for Sunday, this is the chilly part. Just before I left for Quebec, we got a lot of rain and I didn't have a chance to sort out the pool. As a result, I had to go and drain off some water but there was about 6 inches of ice. I pulled out the axe and started working it out. Once I cut through to the water and set up a drain line, I started chopping around the ladder but suddenly the ice gave way and I plunged in. At least I can say I got in my polar bear dip for the season!

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