Thursday, November 13, 2008

home sweet home

The house is feeling a lot more homely these days. Not that it hasn't always felt homely, it's just that with a few simple furniture moves, a few bargain finds like little lamps and candle holders, some string on the wall to hang Brendan's artwork and a little bit of decluttering and reorganising the house just feels more lived in and comfy. Steve has mentioned it a few times recently as have a couple of our friends when visiting.
Steve asked if this was all "nesting" behaviour. I said I hope not as he is off to Quebec City next week for 8 days and I need him here for the birth!

The fish tank also looks great- Steve rearranged the stuff in it and got a couple of new fish. I tried to get a picture but need to dig out the tripod to get a decent one.

In the spring we plan to collect some driftwood and make a light fixture with branches and fairy lights to replace the big, weird, white monstrosity. I bought an old lamp and shade for $4, tore off the old dark covering, stuck some bright red maple leaves on it then covered them in a couple of layers of tissue paper and glue. It was a quick craft and may be only temporary but it gives an autumn feel, and Brendan likes counting the leaves.

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Anonymous said...

Your house was unusually cozy the night of the blessingway. . . . maybe it was the candles. . .maybe the occasion. Not sure, I liked it :)