Saturday, May 30, 2009

The green corner (finally)

A couple of photos from the fredkid fair. I was waiting for some t.hat show the whole of the green corner but haven't got any yet so I'll just post this. Above you can see just one corner of 'the corner'. The tree branch is decorated with examples of backyard inspired crafts families with young children can make at home, mostly by reusing rubbish and things lying around the house. They included:-
milk carton birdfeeders
pine cone owl
egg carton insects
egg carton daffodils
paper tulips
painted rocks
nature mobile
felt veggies
and the sunflower hanging made using scraps of fabric from old clothing, towels and a bedsheet.

Below shows Tadhg and I checking out the rocks. I loved the chance to talk about rocks- some young kids were fascinated!

The theme was "discovering our backyard" so we had a lot of things for kids to look at and touch- all found in New Brunswick. We had birds, mammals and insects from the university, pelts and bones from the Provincial Parks people, a cast of a beaver track, lots of library books, some spruce saplings for people to take home and lots of paper info. And lastly, one corner was set up for planting sunflower seeds in egg cartons to take home. (We had corn seeds too until someone pointed out that the reason they were red was because they were covered in a fungicide- we checked the packet and, sure enough, it said "keep out of reach of children" so it was quickly hidden. oops)

All in all a great success. I'm already looking forward to next year!

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