Friday, May 29, 2009

Tadhg and green beans

We've been reading a bit about 'baby-led weaning' which is basically just a fancy term for the way I would do it instinctively anyway. But I have come across some good info on things like what to use instead of commercial baby cereals and how babies start solid food in cultures that are less driven by the media and corporate advertising. It just doesn't feel right buying pricey, processed, packaged "food" that tastes yukky when the rest of us are eating lovely fresh food.

Basically our plan is to not have a plan and just go with the flow. If he's interested he can try. As long as it's fresh and softish and he can pick it up. Anyway, here's a video of his attempt at eating green beans.
We weren't going to actively encourage this because of our upcoming trip (see future blog post) but he seems to love it so we won't hold him back!

Blogger isn't letting me attach the video so I'll try again later. Here's a photo instead.

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