Friday, May 1, 2009

wee wee

It was 30'C the other day. We went to toddler time at the library, then to the park, then had a picnic, then went to our friends' house to share ice lollies and jump off beds, then home for a nap, then we stripped off and sheltered from the sun in the basement for a bit, then Brendan did two wees on the floor, then, just as I was in the hands on bit of making home made burgers and thus covered in raw meat, he walked over carrying the potty and very proudly showed me the remainder of his wee wee that he hadn't spilled on the floor yet. Whoooppeee. First pee in the potty! I quickly washed my yucky hands and did my little celebratory dance for him. He joined in and we danced around the room a bit before phoning to tell granny and grandad and "Dudin" he peed in the potty. We left the wee there to show daddy when he came in an hour later and the two of them flushed it away saying "bye bye wee wee". He was so proud of himself and so were we. It was a fun day but I went to bed feeling a little sad at how quickly he's growing up.

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