Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fundy weekend

We headed to Alma and Fundy National Park last weekend for a geocaching event and to visit some new friends we've made recently.
The going down was a little slow- Tadhg is a great car traveller provided he is either wide awake and happy or already asleep when he goes in, but he doesn't drift off to sleep with the car movement like almost every other baby on the planet does. Well, sometimes he does, and on that particular car journey he was just getting to sleep when we stopped at a shop in Sussex for a few things... big mistake. He woke up and all hell broke loose. So the next part of the trip, which should have taken about 45 minutes, took about twice that long as we kept stopping to try to help him sleep.

The geocache event was a success. Steve walked/ran 41 km over the two days, much of it in the rain and some of it with 5 year old Ira for company. Needless to say he was feeling both sore and refreshed by the end of it. He was pleased that he completed both the 2008 and 2009 challenges and got his "coins" to show for it. He also found time to spend with us and Lindsey's family in Alma. We met fairly recently in Fredericton and really enjoy their company. The best bit for me was when Lindsey and I left the kids with the guys and went out for a pddle in their sea kayaks. We went out of the estuary into the bay, along the cliffs for a bit and to the beach to see the others- Brendan was intrigued to see his mummy in a little boat just offshore. It was so peaceful and inspiring and lifts your spirits!

We got a rare photo of the four of us.

Ira emerging from the little cave he was sheltering in during a downpour when we were on the beach. An below is Steve and Brendan taking their time heading for shelter as they were already soaked.
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