Friday, May 15, 2009

The leaves are out.

Went for a lovely walk along the old road by the river. This used to be the main road from Fredericton to Oromocto until the new road with a steel bridge was built. Actually I bet the "new" road bridge is the old railway bridge. ??
Brendan with his collecting bag.

Collecting things that are too big for the bag.

Some beautiful white birch. The silver birch has always been my favourite tree, and Uncle Phil's, but these white birch look suspiciously similar. Will have to find out if they are actually different species or if it's just the name.
And a great climbing tree! Is it just me or are good climbing trees harder and harder to find these days??

Tadhg along for the ride.
Brendan could throw sticks and rocks in the water all day.
We must have interupted a beaver mid-chew. I had never seen anything like this. They had taken down a very tall maple tree and were knawing in a few different places to make lengths about 1-2 feet long. It was either a whole gang of them or one very industrious beaver who couldn't finish one project before starting another.
Some chewed wood chips went in the collecting bag.

Found a few bits of drift wood to bring home for the garden. This plank is not so natural but will make a good border for our sunflower patch.Posted by Picasa

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