Sunday, June 7, 2009

We could have stayed at a Best Western but......

After feeling a little bit left out on the fun Siobhan and the boys had down in Old Orchard Beach, I thought I'd suggest meeting up with them on their way back. Keen on breaking up the drive, Siobhan thought it was a great idea and left it up to me to sort something out. After a quick look at the map, it became pretty obvious what to do. We could have stayed at a Best Western but Baxter State Park seemed more us.

I made the bookings and it worked out great.... eventually. When I first showed up, Siobhan seemed pretty frazzled. Going from a beach holiday to an unplanned wilderness stay can be difficult when thousands of black flies and mosquitoes swarm on fresh meat. Lets just say that turning round and going home crossed her mind until she saw our accommodation. (Despite you forgetting the bug spray!- Siobhan)

We had a really awesome cabin. It had 2 bedrooms and a common living area which had a table, some chairs, a wood stove and a propane light.

With a quick reassessment of the situation I got the go ahead to unload the Jeep. It involved a short walk through the woods and took about 30 minutes but before we realized it, the cabin was set up, we found some hidden bug repellent and had supper cooking.

Although Brendan seemed to snack on everything and anything, we had some really nice burgers, various salads and a couple of Coronas. After supper, we had a quick clean up and then got the the boys to bed. So that gave us a chance to sit out on the deck and enjoy the rest of our Coronas. Perfect!

After a really comfortable sleep on these old single beds pushed together, we had an awesome fry up. Well, fed and raring to go, I packed the car up and picked up the canoe rental. From there, we set off for two laps around Daicey Pond. The backdrop was incredibly beautiful with Mount Katahdin.

From there, we set of for Kidney Pond to have a look and speak with a Park Ranger. The Ranger recommend Moose View because it was a short simple walk for little ones with the possibility of seeing a moose. As we started off, I asked Brendan a couple of questions....

"Brendan, do you want to see a moose?" He replied "No".
A little frustrated, I then asked him, "Brendan, do you want to see a bear?" He replied "No".
He then quickly came back and stated, " Everybody go a see a cow, moooo".

Well we didn't see a cow but believe it or not, we did see two moose foraging in the water for food. Again, perfect.

With the day passing quickly and a long drive ahead, we headed to the front gate, had a quick stop at the Baxter State Park Visitor Center and had lunch at Togue Pond beach. Brendan had a quick splash in the crystal clear lake while I boiled up some corn for lunch. What a great time. I'm glad we stayed at Baxter in a cabin instead of a Best Western.

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