Saturday, June 27, 2009

Random things about now

Tadhg and Brendan can wear the same shorts. (B out of nappies and T in big cloth ones= same size)

Brendan absolutely does not cope well on less than 7 hours of night sleep.

I take back my statement about not washing lettuce. The last lot had slug babies on it. If you already knew about that then you can laugh at my naivete.

Tadhg likes dairy. And he had pizza last night. And strawberries today. So much for going slow on the allergens.

Our canoe received a few scrapes on the underside this morning on the Nashwaak River. Only little ones but it's hard when it's such a beautiful boat.

The pool is far too cold for Siobhan. Probably for Steve too but he pretends it doesn't bother him.

Melon is our new favourite fruit. And Alma loves it too.

Siobhan and Brendan have made a decision. We will tidy up the living room periodically during the day. Like before lunch and supper.

Alma and Bill dig up the neighbours' gardens at night.

Brendan peed on the neighbour's lawn today.

We think a raccoon has figured out how to open our compost bin. We're going to tie a bell to it and catch it in the act. Camera ready by the bedroom window.

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Betty said...

Your blog is delightful, and so well done!!