Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fiddles on the Tobique

We've just had a great weekend. Mmmm... let's see if I can think of a better adjective than "great". It was different from anything we've done before. The whole experience was uplifting. It was certainly challenging at times. It was very interesting, with not a dull moment. It was also inspirational in many ways, from the people we talked with to the peaceful surroundings on the river and, of course, the utterly fantastic music that made me say for the hundredth time (but with a lot more gusto) "I am going to learn to play the fiddle."

A few more photos. (Some courtesy of Betty and Harvey, thanks)

Party time on an island.

The rain meant many fiddlers didn't bring out their instruments but there were a few hardcore musicians out there!

Tadhg asleep in his hammock at the front of the canoe.

My friend Allison made our beautiful canoe with her Dad, and this is Betty, her Mum.

Tadhg and Steve on a sand bar stop.

Photo of us coasting down with the current. The whole trip was about three or four hours long and Brendan was happy the whole time.

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Brendan throwing rocks in the river. And look at that beautiful boat! We received countless compliments on the canoe and many declared it was the best boat on the river. We also heard that Tadhg was the youngest on the river!

Lots and lots of canoes.

Calmly drifting downriver. This is the life. We are hooked. This section of the Tobique River had the perfect width, depth, velocity, scenery... We are on the lookout for similar rivers now, beats a big boring lake any day! (Just kidding, I love lakes too, but this way I can let Steve do the paddling without feeling guilty that I'm not pulling my weight)

Poor Tadhg was dumped into a mini canoe for a photo shoot. It was built by canoe builder Bill Miller who started the Fiddles on the Tobique event 16 years ago and hosted the supper and music night we went to.

Brendan makes friends with every dog he sees.

And lastly, if it works, a short video. It just shows about a third of the musicians who gathered to jam and me, Brendan and Tadhg watching and listening. Bill Miller is the one with the spoons.

All in all a very worthwhile experience. We'll be back again. We've already forgotten the "challenging" part, namely camping in a tent in a field with a dirty portaloo for a loo, no running water or hard top shelter with the rain pelting down and a hyper two-and-a-half year old resisting sleep. Phew... once they were finally both asleep we all slept soundly till 7.30am and awoke to a dry morning. Bliss.

The rest of the photos will be in a web album. (link to right)

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