Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Kitchen

Woooohooo. Look at this!! Steve, you are amazing!
Brendan loves his new kitchen and has been playing with it, and his wooden food for hours on end for the last couple of days. Can you believe Steve made this at the weekend? He still has to put on the sink taps and build the play stand with a shelf for the kitchen pieces to sit on. But they can be moved to a table, the floor, on the shelf or even outside I suppose. He seemed to really enjoy it and has mentioned trying to make and sell them. So if anyone would like one you could try putting in an order. :)
I think this is going to be a long lasting, much loved and very special set of toys.
Brendan has just seen the above photos and said "Brendan making supper" and now wants to go and play with it again. So that's all I'll write for now. Off to fry some wooden fruit in the wok. Thanks again super awesome Daddy!
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Wide Open Spaces said...

Well done Steve!
That is absolutely amazing and you can be sure I'll be ordering one in the future. Maybe even before I have my children!