Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thoughts of the day

Yesterday was one of those days when I think a lot about babies and motherhood.
All in one day... an email I wrote to the local morning show on CBC radio about midwifery in the province was read out on air, I was interviewed by a student doing some research into 'why women want midwives', I wrote a long letter to a pregnant friend of mine sharing my thoughts on pregnancy and motherhood and I spent a lovely day with my boys just being thankful for how wonderful my life is and for having them in it. It was one of those days when you can laugh at typical, but often unfunny things. For example, on our way OUT of the house Brendan decided to jump straight into the very deep puddle of water beside our driveway and I just loved him for it. Tadhg threw up all over me and then looked at me so sweetly that I just loved him for that too. Then at nap time we all lay down together and the two of them just stared at me so intently as I sung to them that I started to cry. Then later when Steve had finished reading a bedtime story to Brendan I was listening to them talk about who they love and Steve said there are four people here that you love, and Brendan guessed that the fourth person was himself and Steve told him how it was important for him to love himself and I was just smiling and listening because it was so lovely. Crikey this is soppy. I'd better stop before it gets out of hand. Pheewwww.

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