Sunday, April 12, 2009

Expensive night turned cheap

The plan had been to go out for supper then to the theatre to see the African Children's Choir perform here in Fredericton. What actually happened was that we decided to have supper at home to lessen the length of time Brendan was out and hopefully delay tiredness by a bit, then when we arrived at the theatre we were told we couldn't be admitted with a "babe in arms". I made a slight but polite fuss... the radio said "bring the family" and "it didn't say anything on the website" and "that's just silly anyway" and (under my breath and only half joking) "most other countries wouldn't be so anti-baby". That last thought is just part of the wider feeling that babies are often seen as "difficult" in our society- I couldn't take Tadhg to a mess dinner last week as it was "inappropriate" and the play area in the local mall was moved to a hidden room in a corner "so that breastfeeding mothers can have some privacy" yeah right. That kind of talk makes me want to carry him everywhere and breastfeed everywhere just to make a point!!
Anyway, they kindly refunded our tickets and we walked into town and met some friends for a coffee instead. On the way back to the car we stopped to listen to hundreds of seagulls out on the river that we couldn't see in the darkness. Turned out to be a fun and cheap night. And I'm sure we'll get to see the African Children's Choir another time.

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