Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A few more crafty goings on

Here's the first of a family of bunnies. I was teasing Steve because there he was, driving up the highway to Montreal with two babies in the back and a wife knitting away in the passenger seat beside him, handing him the odd sandwich every now and then. Now I bet he didn't imagine that a few years ago! (A fuzzy picture- I'll get a better one when the whole family are together)
This was the first felted bird's nest we made. It was a total flop- we didn't rub it for long enough, have the water hot enough, or make the batt thick enough. We are much better at it now but I haven't taken any more pics. We even did it at playgroup today and everyone made their own nest to take home before Easter weekend. Our nature table it fully springified now. I'll blog about that later. We also painted and dyes some eggs last week- some for hanging on the tree and others for the nest.
I made this book pocket hanging thing at the weekend for Brendan's books. I'm hoping that by having more books visible we might get to read a wider selection. He tends to choose one or two and we repeat them over and over again until I'm forced to hide it for a few days. It already seems to be working. Ah hah, another way to influence him, what power! Mind you, I suppose I do that by choosing all the books in the first place. We tend to keep the library books front and centre on the table so we get as much out of them as possible before they leave us.

This was in Montreal- we made a couple of masks from paper plates. Brendan wasn't the least bit interested in the mask making process but was quite into the whole pretend play once they were finished. We were a cat and a tiger and we did cat and tiger-like things much to Brendan's amusement. (That is Steve in the photo by the way- if you didn't recognise the big lips)I love watching his flair for pretending develop. He's starting to come up with his own ideas, such as walking around the house with his bag saying he's going to see Uncle Paddy, putting his doll to bed and pulling the covers up properly, taking the wee dolls to the shops to buy cereal, milk and bananas and so on.
Later in the day after the mask thing, I suggested to Brendan that the horse he was playing with might be thirsty so he took it to the (real) cat's water bowl and bent down to give the horse a drink. Any time we come across a kitchen set he makes things and brings you something to eat or drink, then washes the dishes afterwards. This started when he saw the girls doing it at playgroup. Here's a picture of Brendan sitting at the table in the Waldorf store in Montreal- you can see the wooden play kitchen that I covet in the background. ooooohh

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