Monday, April 13, 2009

Long weekend

We spent a wonderful day in the garden on Saturday. Bring on the sunshine!! Brendan explored more corners of the garden while Steve and I cut back some shrubs and trees, cleared some flower beds of last year's leaves, moved the slide and sandpit and generally pottered around. There's so much to do and I'm really looking forward to spending a lot of time out there. But it will have to wait a while. On Sunday we woke up to snow.
Easter also came and went this weekend. Steve set up a little egg hunt for Brendan and we made some chocolate nests.

Here's a sad story. Below is the first little chick I needle felted and barely a few hours later, after having snapped a photo luckily, he was lying in shreds on the floor. Our pesky little kitten seems to love to play with anything felted. Which is annoying because I think it is my new favourite thing.
This was taken on Friday and on Sunday the tulips were open wide and had tilted towards the room to show off their beautiful petals.

It was also lovely to have some friends round on Monday for lunch. Two couples, one with a 6 month old and the other with their first baby due in a couple of months. Babies babies everywhere!

So now it's back to normality after the 4 day weekend. Steve left for work while we were all asleep as usual and we are off to the library when Tadhg wakes up.

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