Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Craft College Open Day

Tadhg and I went to the Craft College open house the other day. Most of the studios were open and you could wander in and see people in action. There was all sorts going on from pottery, batik, different kinds of painting, photography, kite making and lots more. One favourite was the raku glazing where I was able to glaze a bowl and see it into and out of the kiln and take it home. I was thrilled! I painted on a dull coloured, powdery substance and it came out looking like this!!
You could also have a go at weaving and spinning in a room full of wool and looms. But my ultimate favourite was the room occupied by a very interesting woman who makes incredibly beautiful and detailed felted dolls. Her daughter was also there and we stayed for over an hour just chatting about felt, her story writing, waldorf dolls, homeschooling, making toys, as well as travel and living in Fredericton. I'm planning on doing her waldorf doll making class in the summer.
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