Friday, October 1, 2010

Childhood outside

I love being with the boys when they are out exploring and experiencing the world. They just become enraptured by the smallest little thing. Brendan is into conkers and falling leaves and other signs of autumn at the moment. As well as asking "why?" at least 10o times on a walk. And Tadhg imitates my exaggerated expressions of awe and wonder so perfectly- he'll pick up a piece of grass or whatever and look at it intently and go "wow" and "ooohh". If we are having a bad afternoon or if someone's a little tired we just need to head outside and a grumpy day is transformed into a calm and peaceful one. Until we get back inside, that is, and the fussing or fighting just starts right up again :)
I've taken on a bit too much at the moment but I'm thinking of starting a little outdoorsy playgroup that will get together somewhere (maybe even just the garden) once a week regardless of the weather. Maybe in the spring. I just need to find some like-minded folks now.

We're seriously thinking of getting a few chickens in the spring. This picture shows a couple of the very fancy chickens at a park near us- ours are unlikely to be as good looking! One of my french teachers offered me some young hens that are about ready to start laying but when I asked if the boys would be able to pick them up we agreed that it might be better to wait till spring and get some teeny tiny ones. Anyway, we need to build a hen shed, clear some of the weedy field and put up some more fencing first.
Watch this space.

I'm off the bed now, thinking about my friend Kath who is hopefully birthing her second baby any minute now! It was fun talking to her a few hours ago while she was in labour and breathing through contractions while I jabbered on. Looking forward to hearing of his or her safe arrival tomorrow.


ak said...

Loving your updates and hearing about life in Belgium!! Such a beautiful photo of the forest in this post. Looking forward to chatting soon. xoxo

The Riffs said...

Who are you "ak", is it agi? Siobhan

agi said...

oops, sorry, yes it's agi! the kids were pulling me away from the computer as i wrote the quick note. i have to get a new computer so don't have skype right now, but soon!