Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Here's Brendan and his wee brother just before going to his new "school" for the first time. He's in the first class of the 'ecole maternelle' in the local school.

It's about a 4 minute cycle, 7 minute walk or about 15 or 20 if Brendan walks himself, depending on how many things we stop to look at! Here's part of the route to school with the little shop that we sometimes pop into on the way home.
(Edited to add that he doesn't walk to school BY HIMSELF.I just meant walking himself as opposed to riding in the bike trailer or buggy.)
And this sort of shows the maternelle section of the school. All children are entitled to free school from the day they turn two and a half. So Tadhg could start on June 10th next year- way too early :(

I'm sure I'll write more later about my thoughts on school. Totally mixed feelings about the whole thing.

And finally, I have to include this video. (And a description for once this is printed out... it's a clip showing Brendan strumming on his ukelele and singing along to John the Rabbit by Elizabeth Mitchell. He's really into music- how early could he start lessons do you think?)
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A Child's Word-Kit said...

Wonderful - I didn't realise he could play and sing so well!

Donna said...

It's great that you are all settled and so nice to "see" everyone. My how the boys are growing. The caravan is a wonderful thing. I'm sure you'll enjoy your many adventures. We recently watched some old 8mm movies of when Mike and his family were posted to Germany. They did a fair amount of traveling and camping. Cheers to you all from Fredericton!

Betty said...

Great to see you back online. It looks like you have a great space for you family to experience yet more cool stuff.