Monday, September 27, 2010

First days in Belgium.

OK. So it has been a long, long time since we wrote. I'm missing it and I think I need to get back on top of it :) Blogging seems to be our alternative to photo albums (there are a few unfinished ones lying around in a box somewhere), it helps me remember to take photos to record special moments and days, keeps me motivated to do interesting things with the boys and anyway, some of you guys out there reading keep badgering me to write so this will get you off my back!

Not sure where to start so here are a few photos taken over the last couple of months since we arrived.
We missed our connection in Montreal due to a thunderstorm delay. It meant we got to fly through a spectacularly beautiful sky but more importantly we were able to spend some time with Steve's family before we headed across the Atlantic. Nana and Papa saw us off in Montreal.

We spent a week in a hotel before getting the keys to our new house. Here's Tadhg checking it out. It was a further three days before our container arrived and three more days after that before we could go out the back doors onto the lovely newly laid patio.

An early outside supper. It will be a while before everything finds its place in the house or garden. It's coming along slowly.

We've acquired a caravan! It was for sale by a family living round the corner from us and the price was too good to pass on the chance to try it out. We spent a weekend on the Belgian coast at a weird but interesting seaside resort that obviously had its heyday around 100 years ago and has lost any charm it might have had. We still had a good time though, despite the stormy weather, and the big sandy beach was fun for the boys (all three of them).

For our first and only day trip so far we went to the Grotes de Haan, about an hour south east of here. Fairly unspectacular but it had a couple of cool bits, including one fairly large cavern and some scary evidence of how dirty the air is today, although the guide was speaking in very fast Walloon french so I only caught bits here and there.

And we also went to the UK for a week. Here's the Hubbards' garden all ready for a party and below is the caravan from the outside.

More on our house and garden, our neighbourhood and Brendan starting "school" soon.

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