Monday, October 11, 2010

Stories and chat

Brendan and I were reading a story in which a new baby was born.

Brendan: Mama, why is the baby in the mummy's tummy?
Me: It's growing and waiting until it's ready to come out.
B: Why does it come out?
Me: Because it's big enough so it's ready to get out of there and see the world.
B: Oh
Me: You were in my tummy too you know, and then you decided it was time to come out.
B: But when I was coming out of your tummy, I was coming out and then I went back in and then I couldn't come out.
Me: Why couldn't you come out?
B: Because there was no room and I was pushing and something was in the way, there were bricks in the way.
(all of this with extra gestures- bumping his head on "bricks")
Me: Then what happened?
B: I was stuck
Me: But then what happened?
B: Then the bricks were smashed out of the way and then I came out really really fast.

Wow, do you think he remembers his birth? :) Not that there were any bricks involved but it may have felt that way to him I suppose.

I think I should start writing down some of his stories. The other day, as we sat round a fire in the garden, he told a very long rescue story that became quite elaborate. I have a habit of prompting him by asking questions but I'm trying to just keep quiet and listen sometimes. More often than not now he needs little prompting anyway and goes off on various flights of imagination. It's often obvious which story or cartoon or real event is his inspiration but sometimes he totally surprises us with something completely random and interesting.

Tadhg is into imitating his big brother. It's very comical- he's so exact and quick to copy. It's just as well Brendan doesn't find it annoying. Our favourite time of day is when they wake up and come through to give us a cuddle and kiss and sometimes climb in to bed for a bit. Then, once they are both awake, Brendan says "Come on, Tadhg" and they toddle off to his room to play with trains or do puzzles or read books. We just lie in bed listening to them playing and Brendan speaking so lovingly and gently to Tadhg.
This morning we watched as Brendan went to the loo saying "I need a wee. Come on Tadhg, come and watch me doing a wee... This is how we lift the seat and then I pull my trousers down and then I do a wee like this, are you watching Tadhg? And then I have to pull my trousers back up like this and then we can flush the toilet. Okay, let's go back to my room now. Come on, Tadhg."
The peace usually lasts about 20 minutes and then they start to argue and push each other around and that's our cue to get up and head for breakfast.

I'm gathering some photos of our village and the centre of town and will get them on here soon. We just had our friend Anthony over from Canada for a visit. Steve and Anthony went to Amsterdam at the weekend and then to Vimy Ridge for a day trip. We also went back to the wonderful Parc Paradisio for the 4th time this year and generally enjoyed Anthony's company, sitting around the fire, talking about life, our dreams for the future, and various topics such as Afghanistan (arrghheucchh). Oh, and sharing "annoying" you tube clips.

Anyone else want to come and visit soon? We LOVE having visitors. And the spare room is nearly finished. Paris is 2 and a half hours away, Brussels is close, Amsterdam not too far, Christmas markets start next month, have a caravan, have a minivan that seats 7, have two motorcycles, lots of good bread and food and beer, Belgians are lovely and French is fun. Oh, and the chocolate is seriously good. Everyone always mentions chocolate and I just shrugged it off thinking yeah, whatever, lots of countries make good chocolate, but I am not so indifferent now. It really is good.


Cheyanne said...

Oh, how I wish Grace and I were hopping on a plane right now to visit! I mailed you a letter the other day via 'snail mail'. I was missing you and felt like writing on a card. I was hoping it would be a surprise, but I am not good at keeping things secret! Talk soon, Cheyanne

Anne-Marie said...

Wow, Brendan's description was amazing! Maybe he knows... Only just realised that you started writing again - so just catching up! Hope you and the 3 boys are well... A-x-