Sunday, October 24, 2010

What did we do!?!

So here's a photo of our baby with his new haircut. He instantly grew up. So much so that Steve thought he was old enough for a beer.

And just so that it is in the same place- here's another "before" picture of the hair.
Sometimes the only way I can get the supper made is by allowing Tadhg to "help" and keeping him away from his brother. Man they fight like... well, like brothers I suppose. They also play well together too. But not right before supper. Or before I have an English class. Or at any other time when I need to "achieve something". Hey ho, that's what it's all about :)


Unknown said...

Wow ! what a difference. Sad to see the long curly hair all gone. Guess soon or later it had to be done (a hard thing to do).He still looks cute though.
Luv Ya All Nana & Papa XOXOXOXO

siobhan said...

Don't worry it will grow back! And it's still long on top- mainly because he snarled so much that the barber had to stop before he was properly finished :)