Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sick days

Brendan is off school for the second day in a row today. He has a terrible cold and the same chesty cough he seems to get every winter. Steve "worked from home" yesterday morning while I taught my English class and today we're having a lovely slow day. Indoors for now until it warms up a bit. It's a wintry day today.

We've made some orange and raisin cookies.
A not-so-well Brendan eating cookies for breakfast.

They went upstairs earlier and I heard a lot of giggling and bossing going on and then they came downstairs both dressed as firemen.

We love playing games by Orchard Toys. Especially If you see a crocodile, don't forget to scream and Shopping List. They are perfect for cozy days inside when the weather is yucky.

I normally blog when the boys are asleep but thought I'd get a quick post done while they were playing happily. Tadhg, however, has reminded me that that is a silly idea by smashing a mug on the kitchen floor. That's the second shattered piece of crockery in as many days. When we head to Scotland next week I'm going to take advantage of some free babysitting and head to the charity shops to buy up any game by Orchard Toys, any wet weather gear that is roughly the right size for either boy, any next size up shoes for Brendan and maybe some kitcheny things to replace all the broken ones.

It's hard to find second hand clothes and shoes here in Belgium and I can't bring myself to buy new stuff. Shoes especially are really expensive. I bought two pairs of boots for Tadhg the other day at a brocante (car boot sale of sorts) for 3 Euros each but they came in their original shoe boxes with original prices of 89 and 103 euros. They are lovely shoes but those prices are ridiculous.

Must go and spend the day with my two lovely but boogery boys.


Jo said...

Lovely lovely boys. get well soon Brendan. xxx

Anonymous said...

Siobhan, there are some good second hand places in Brussels - you need to come and visit me so I can point them out! Hope everyone has recovered from their colds and coughs. Love, Clare x