Thursday, July 30, 2009

Two weeks today

We leave for Dakar in only two weeks. Excitement is building.

Malaria prophylaxis is sorted after a delay with the pharmacy who said they couldn't do it and neither could anyone else in Fredericton. Thankfully they were wrong.

French practice is sporadic but happening.

The packing list is colour coded and scribbled on. Although I enjoy the list making it doesn't actually get the bag packed any earlier. It will undoubtedly be a last minute rush as usual. We work well under pressure :)

We have a footwear issue. What to take??

Steve has arranged to take his final exam for this term 3 hours earlier than the scheduled time. The exam is meant to start at 7pm and finish at 10, but we need to drive to Bangor (3 and a bit hours away) and get some sleep in a hotel before being at the airport for 3am ish. So he's allowed to start the exam at 4pm and leave just after 7 and then we can hit the road. What a relief that's going to be. Pheeewwww. Can't wait.

Caitlin and Billy leave a week earlier than us and will have an interesting trip overland from Morocco to Senegal. It will include a 24 hour bus journey so I hope Billy and his very long legs manage to get a decent seat. Maybe the one at the back in the middle? Or one right at the front? Good luck with that guys :) See you in Dakar. (Let us know what you decide on the footwear front)

Paddy is almost finished and will be off on a trip south to Guinea Bissau. I've emailed him a list of things to be on the lookout for just to give us a better picture of what to expect. Can we find nappies, bug spray, snacks for the kids... that kind of thing. And I've asked him what footwear we should bring but he hasn't replied yet.

Our mosquito nets have both arrived. One new one we ordered and Caitlin's old one. Just need to add some of the insecticide courtesy of Steve's work to our clothes. I think we've decided that a little exposure to an ugly neurotoxin is preferable to contracting malaria. Travel certainly gives you plenty of opportunities to weigh up pros and cons.

That's it for now. Must get to bed. Lots to do tomorrow including tidying the house before a playdate and some more dyeing action. More on the dyeing later.

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