Monday, July 20, 2009

bye bye red jeep

We sold the jeep. We never intended to be a two car family but didn't want to sell the jeep while it was in good working order and all paid off and needed to pull the boat (Steve had many excuses!). Anyway, time has been hard on the little jeep and the realization that it would be costly to keep it going resulted in Steve announcing one day he'd put it on kijiji just to see if there was any interest and it was sold within a couple of days.

On the way back from a camping trip recently (in the jeep) we came to the conclusion that we are not really a van kind of family. It was so cheap and is in great working order so we'll stick with it until something better comes along or it breaks, whichever happens first, but we'll look forward to the day we have the perfect car. Although I doubt that it is even possible to find the perfect car. Maybe it's called a bike.

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