Thursday, July 23, 2009

How does your garden grow?

There has been so much rain this year. The plants are loving it, including the weeds. Here are a few pics. Above, the orange thing I picked up on sale- it was only a few inches tall and didn't have a label and I forgot to ask what it was called. The flowers are gorgeous with these deep black insides.

Swiss chard below. Yummily crunchy and very good looking.

Our maize patch. When it gets tall enough Brendan can hopefully stand in the middle of the ring.

Hard to tell edible plant from weeds when you do very little weeding. :)

Should get lots of pumpkins this year. Which was slightly poor planning considering we aren't particularly fond of pumpkin eating. I think Steve plans to make all sorts of lanterns. We'll have to find pumpkin recipes we like for the flesh. Only one I ever do is curry.
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