Friday, July 31, 2009

picnic breakfast

Brendan and Tadhg were both up and a ridiculous hour the other day. Brendan was in a miserable mood so to sort us all out Steve packed us a picnic breakfast while I got us dressed and we headed to the park at 7.30am as Steve left for work. Great idea Steve!
Ready to go.
Playing around the wading pool but it was a bit cold for going in.
The thumbs up and the new bulldozer are to celebrate the doing the pooing in the potty. It didn;t really happen though, it was more like a tipping of the poo from the pants into the potty and pretending. Anyway, it's now a few days later and it didn't quite work. he is still a reluctant pooer. Sorry Brendan.
Playing with diggers on the deck with various food stuffs as sand, gravel and rocks. Oh, and a new sun suit being broken in for Senegal.

First tie dye attempt.

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