Thursday, July 16, 2009

Other things we've made recently

Sewed some hot air balloons onto a pair of bargain curtains to brighten them up for Brendan's new room- more on that later as it's still a work in progress.

A little wash bag for Grace for her trip to Europe. I think they are using it to put her crayons and little book and stickers in though. The fabric used for the inside pocket has the Eiffel Tower on it. (They are going to Paris next week)
I enjoyed making this. My mum used to make then for me for school. We weren't allowed to bring sweets to our boarding school so mum used to sew secret pockets in my bags and soft toys. :)
And I love the pink butterfly and flower tablecloth above- a recent thrift find.

This is a long cushion cover made out of a wrap around skirt I bought somewhere years ago- maybe Madagascar?. I had never worn it so it has been re-purposed. Next job is to cover a piece of foam for a bench cushion.

A beautiful new shelf unit for Brendan's room courtesy of Steve. I think he enjoyed this and he's now working on refurbishing an old school desk we bought for $3 at a yard sale. It's in bits all over the family room floor at the moment. I hope it all fits back together.

A simple bunting string of felt triangles to add some colour. It may end up in the toy box or being used outside because I don't like it all that much. Although Brendan loves to point and name the colours getting faster and faster until it becomes a tongue twister and he collapses into hysterics.
A little taggy blanket for Tadhg from one of our many fleece baby blankets and a bunch of ribbon scraps.

A paper owl mobile. I'll do this again using nicer paper with coordinating colours.

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