Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sri Lankan Dinner Night

Switzerland, then Lebanon and now Sri Lanka. I've just been racking my brains for something these countries have in common so I could joke about it but nothing is jumping out at me. They have, however, all inspired the international dinner party group we are a part of. We're four couples from our neighbourhood who've decided to get together once a month for dinner, with the hosts serving cuisine from a country of their choice. It was our turn last night and we chose Sri Lanka for a few reasons...

-we love curry!
-we wanted the challenge of finding some interesting ingredients.
-we have a very genuine cook book bought in Sri Lanka.
-I've been there so should know something about it.
-we wanted to use our machete and coconut grinder! (See photos)

We spent most of the day in the kitchen and taking turns with one or other of our very patient boys. After lunch we went for a walk in the sunshine and both of them fell asleep in the handy double buggy. (Thanks Granny and Grandad)
By the time everyone arrived at 7.30pm the only thing left to do was get Brendan to bed. That is easier said than done so we resorted to putting the laptop in our bedroom and putting a film on for him to watch from our bed. It kept him entertained for a while.
The food went down well, if you'll excuse the pun, and the house was looking lovely withe the table opened out and lots of pretty lights and candles on.
The next one will be a Ukrainian meal. Can't wait.


Rachel said...

Wow Siobhan, this sounds (and looks!) great. Yum!

Rachel said...

Wow Siobhan, this sounds (and looks) great! What a fun idea. Yum!

Wide Open Spaces said...

I have just read your last few entries in one sitting and wanted to tell you that is such a treat to do so! Your blog keeps me up to date with all that you are doing and I love seeing the photos of my gorgeous growing nephews. Keep on posting, it makes you feel that little bit less far away! Sri Lanka was a great idea and the dining room looked lovely. Lots of Love xxx

Cat Walker said...

Wow you really do take the most beautiful photos. The one of the boys asleep is sooo precious. Hope your doing well.
Cat Walker