Monday, March 9, 2009

Making things

Steve and Brendan have perfected the art of cookie baking. Which is not necessarily a good thing as they they are so easy to eat but unbelievably bad for us. They use the River Cottage recipe which is quite quick so Brendan stays involved in the whole process and the cookies come out wonderfully soft and squishy. Yummy. I finished this little needle felted and embroidered dandelion for Jen. It's a bit summery for this time of year but then maybe that's the point. The base is from an old jumper and I pulled apart some of the yarn leftovers I got from a charity shop. I'm loving the reuse, recycle ethos- makes you feel very wholesome and good. I'm going to try another one and make the seed heads stand out a bit more but hopefully Jen will appreciate getting my first ever attempt at needle felting!
I've finally started the set of bean bags I've been planning for months. I did a couple of practice ones and settled on this shape- a sort of squint off-square shape that ends up looking like a triangle. Each one only takes a few minutes to make so now that I've decided on the fabric and pattern it should take no time at all.
Here is the first one in action as Brendan tries to throw it in the basket. It took a while to grasp the concept of staying on the towel but we got it!
At the library the other day the kids had to pretend to be a dog and complete an obstacle course. Brendan managed the jumping and going through hoops but when it came to throwing bean bags in a box he kept running right up to the box and throwing it in from point blank range. Quite funny.

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Jen said...

Siobhan! I LOVE love love the needlepoint you made for me! I can't decide which room to hang it in - it matches every one and I want to be able to see it ALL day long :) thank you So much! You're a very talented lady!