Monday, March 16, 2009

sliding and splashing

Tadhg- a future waterbaby?

Yesterday was a busy day. We were planning to go skiing but when none of our friends were able to make it we decided not to go- it's not as much fun skiing on your own and Steve and I were planning to take turns staying with the boys. Nevermind, the snow wasn't the best anyway as it's covered in a hard icy layer at the moment and we'll hopefully manage to go skiing near Montreal next week.
Our day turned out to be wonderful. We went to the park to meet a couple of friends and bumped into a few others who had had the same idea. We played in the snow and went sliding but the best bit was playing in the woods. the overhead trees, a little hill and the frozen surface made for some great sliding fun for two year olds and adults alike. I had a spectacular fall while carrying Tadhg again but managed to protect him from landing too hard and amazingly he didn't even wake up. Here we are just after my fall- lucky Brendan could happily walk on top of the foot of snow.

Steve, Brendan, Grace and Rachel playing under the trees.

After the snow fun we went to Cheyanne's for a scrummy lunch combo- our picnic we had taken to the park and some lovely hot pasta. Grace and Brendan then helped to make cookies to kill time before we went swimming. The pool was packed but a good time was had by all. We'll try to make swimming a more regular activity from now on. Can't wait for the day I can take them both on my own- I probably won't wait too long, knowing me.

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